I have never felt like this before

so DJ hit the rewind and play the real hardcore

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welcome to DJ PLAY MY SONG ♥
yet another music blog!


This community was born because I got really sick with pneumonia and had nothing better to do than sit around and download music for hours on end.

I used to be a DJ at a few clubs in NYC, my musical love is eurodance + techno. At DJ PLAY MY SONG I'll regularly post songs that I'm in love with at the moment for whatever reason, hopefully I'll introduce you to some fantastic music you otherwise wouldn't have had a chance to hear. (:

I won't *just* post dance music, either, I have other tastes too ... surprisingly enough. :P Not just a one-trick pony. ;)

When posting music, I upload to Box, that way you can listen to a song before you bother to download something you may or may not like. XD


The rules are there are no rules. I hate rules! Consider me the Outback Steakhouse: no rules, just right! I do have a request though, a pretty please with sugar on top kinda request: COMMENT!

Tell me what you love, tell me what you hate, tell me what you thought of the music, recommend music to me, comment just to say "hello!," tell me about a nifty club you've been to, feel free to ask if I have something, comment and tell me about some really exceptional guacamole you've had, I don't care. Say whatever you want, just please do not lurk, it drives me bezerker and I find it kinda rude.

So yeah, I have nothing else to add. Please join, have a look round, say hi, check it all out, take what you please! (:

Ohhhhh and a wee disclaimer: a certain organisation would have me remind you that you must delete all of these songs off your computer within twenty-four (24) hours of previewing them. From that point forward, what you do with them is your prerogative.


I'm always taking affiliates! I'm not limited to just music-type communities, either, I'll take any other type of community. I really have no standards lol.

Current communities not ashamed to affiliate with me:

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